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Trip to Male

Malé, Maldives
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Daily Tour

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Spending a day in Male is like discovering your own personal amusement park or racing through the world’s best open-air art gallery. Malé’s touristic vibe conceals a glimpse of the Maldives’ past in its languid decoration. But for those looking to get away from it all, getting in touch with what life was like before tourists started trekking in only one direction leaves an impossible-to-forget impression. Embrace it as much as you can, because there won’t be anything better than this for miles to come. Want your own oceanfront villa? Well, our team here at Tavia Travels can arrange that for you too!


  • Visit The Markets
  • Historical Attractions Of Paradise
  • Enjoy Local Food
  • Retreat To A Resort
  • Explore The Reefs


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Visit The Markets
Visit The Markets

Jostle for space among the piles of live fish, the hustle and bustle of traders haggling over prices. You'll wander up narrow alleyways between rows of tents displaying seasonal fruits, vegetables and spices that you'll be able to sample fresh-off-the-spit. Linger longer than an hour here at your own risk, as it can quickly become difficult (and expensive) to find your way back through the snaking pathways!

Historical Attractions Of Paradise
Historical Attractions Of Paradise

Did you know that exactly one thousand years ago, the Sultan of Male was crowned emperor of the Maldives at his very own palace? The first-ever (sob) king. It would be easy to assume that's where the story ended but take a walk through this mystical country and you'll see there are millennia worth of history waiting for your eager eyes. For centuries, the Islands were coveted by every European colonial power; 1000 years after their conquest an old empire thrives on tourism which it shares with its neighbours in India until today. Meanwhile, mosques blossom into markets as soon as noon comes each weekday here in Paradise. Some would say it is because Male has always been different - Islam just took root better than anywhere else along these.

Enjoy Local Food
Enjoy Local Food

Have you ever tasted naan bread that was baked in the open heat? The smell of charred molasse on cracked, dry earth is enough to make any traveller salivate. Now imagine this concept adapted to French toast at breakfast time - you might even call it "naan french toast!"

The pleasantly dense texture and spice of curry make for an awe-inspiring dish, but what do we need with anything so good when there are naans which are made exclusively from crisp unleavened dough cooked over an open fire! Again, just like how you'll find tomato sauce in some cultures' pasta dishes or fish sauces in others', Maldivian cuisine couldn't survive without its naans.

Retreat To A Resort
Retreat To A Resort

You'll be glad to leave your troubles at home when you step onto the white sand beaches of Maldives. These tropical islands are designed for pure relaxation, with their blue lagoons, palm-fringed landscapes and coral reefs. Get lost in the crystal clear waters of these beautiful pools or wander around one of their many exotic restaurants - enjoy a luxurious spa treatment or top up on your reading material before heading back to mingle with the locals at their daily market. Make sure you head out under the stars each night to stargaze without light pollution interfering with natural constellations. Dreams do come true with a visit to the Maldives!

Explore The Reefs
Explore The Reefs

The Explore the Reefs exploration is a one-of-a-kind dive you don't want to miss. Each day you can set out in search of unknown treasures, seeing unknown creatures that were once just drawings in books. Design your own agenda with specialized reef tours that will take care of everything for you while exploring 20 different sites with fascinating diving and snorkelling - it's time to explore the reefs!


  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance fees (Cable and car and Moon Valley)
  • Box lunch water, banana apple and chocolate
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Tickets

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Malé, Maldives
from $895,00

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