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Trip to Munich

Munich, Germany
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Get to know Europe’s most captivating country, Germany. Experience all the traditional art, music, food and culture of this historical land with Tavia Travels’ Trip to Germany and experience its beauty and culture. Visit cities such as Hamburg or Munich and don’t forget about the charming villages along the Rhine River.

Whether you’re up for a challenge in Bavaria or wistful scenery in Berlin, we’ve got just what you need to take your adventures to Europe’s heartland. You’ll be overflowing with excitement to witness the natural beauty and historic architecture of this captivating country! It’ll feel like decades have gone by since you’ve seen anything so picturesque.

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  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Marienplatz
  • Odeonsplatz
  • Victuals Market
  • Munich Residence
  • Linderhof Castle
  • English Garden


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Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

You've seen it in Disney movies, on postcards and in photos. And now you can visit this fairy-tale castle with your own eyes! You'll be touring Neuschwanstein Castle—the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's iconic home—alongside knowledgeable guides who are all experts at bringing the breathtaking grounds to life with their stories about Ludwig II of Bavaria. From knights' tournaments to strolling minnesingers, these meandering walks through the picturesque scenery will fill your head with memories long after you leave Germany behind.


Marienplatz is the busiest square in Munich. Everyone from locals to tourists visits Marienplatz’s landmarks, shops and restaurants on foot throughout the day, but at night there's a more leisurely feel as crowds dwindle and finally disappear before dawn. Take a scenic stroll through Munich—on one of our nighttime tours led by expert guides who can illuminate and entertain with anecdotes about its fascinating history!


Visit Odeonsplatz for that one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy visiting historical attractions and participating in vacation activities with your family and friends. Be sure to go shopping at the stately shops, grab a bite to eat from the street vendors, visit the bustling marketplaces, or sample from any of the city’s fine restaurants by nightfall. You know you want to visit Odeonplatz!

Victuals Market
Victuals Market

Munich's historic Victuals Market is a centuries-old department store, housing the best of all food and drink from Bavaria. With stalls running to both sides of a cobblestone street, this vibrant marketplace overflows with exotic fruits from around the world, fresh vegetables from farms just outside town, truffles plucked straight from the ground just yards away, flowers for making that perfect bouquet or party centrepiece, spices that will take your cooking in exciting new directions no matter if you live up north or south of Munich...Get ready to add some colour to your food.

Munich Residence
Munich Residence

Explore the royal halls of Europe's most renowned palace Touring The Munich Residence is the ultimate Bavarian legend for history buffs. 130 rooms overflowing with priceless paintings, sculptures, portraits and art await your exploration! No detail has been missed in this opulence-filled masterpiece. Get lost in a maze of hallways, walk across ceilings brimming with frescoes or ascend Galeria Grande to see all that awaits you at The Munich Residence. This landmark takes visitors into another world where every corner reveals its own story. Idle no more but embark on this medieval adventure today by reserving your spot to experience The Munich Residence - it'll delight travellers young and old alike!

Linderhof Castle
Linderhof Castle

This is the grandest of King Ludwig II’s construction projects, and it can be found at Linderhof Castle in Bavaria. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France, this 19th-century castle was built for all to admire. Tucked away off one of Germany’s famous lakes, you could easily spend hours walking around this magnificent structure before even reaching your car! The grounds are open year-round, so plan a visit soon.

English Garden
English Garden

Munich’s fastest way to escape the busy city life is visiting the English Garden. There are so many trails to explore, so curve your itinerary around what sounds most enchanting. We recommend getting a traditional German lunch in one of the beer gardens, taking it easy on their benches built for leisurely conversation rather than office napping! If green thumbs are more your style, explore over 1000 plant species that fill this 8 square kilometre park.


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Munich, Germany
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