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Trip to Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo, Brazil
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If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to visit Brazil, now is your chance! Sao Paolo has so much to offer tourists like you. To give you ideas on what to do while visiting, here are a few attractions to enjoy throughout this vibrant city: The Sugar Loaf Mountain; Museum of Art; Reboucas Pedestrian Street; Leblon Beach; Ibirapuera Park; Casa Rosada Palace just to name a few!


  • Avenida Paulista
  • Pinacoteca
  • Beco do Batman
  • Parque Villa Lobos
  • MASP
  • Museu do Futebol
  • Municipal Market


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Avenida Paulista
Avenida Paulista

The best place for you to fully immerse yourself in Brazilian culture is none other than Avenida Paulista. You can team up with your friends to research new recipes, see the latest film releases at one of their many theatres - it's really just a matter of choice!


For those who want to make the most of their day, see incredible artwork, and enjoy exquisitely prepared meals (we know you can eat), São Paulo's Pinoteca is your destination. With something for everyone, whether it be family-oriented exhibitions or parties with just friends, no matter what you're looking for there's a Pinoteca experience waiting!

Beco do Batman
Beco do Batman

The narrow alleyway in Vila Madalena, which gets its name from one of the first drawings on its walls, attracts thousands of tourists a year passing through the artsiest neighborhood in São Paulo. The Beco do Batman (or Batman Alley) was one of the first open-air museums dedicated to graffiti to spring up here. But it’s better to make the visit through the alleyway on foot, since due to the amount of traffic the walls attract it won’t be easy to stop with a car to take photos. It seems like no one can keep their hands off these mesmerizing and mystifying artworks that cover every inch - or meter - of this old cobblestone street!

Parque Villa Lobos
Parque Villa Lobos

Imagine yourself next to the scenic Parque Villa Lobos in São Paulo. With its 6,000 acres of green scenery and no crowding like Ibirapuera Park, you can ride your bike around, practice with the tennis court for hours on end or visit the Musical Island open-air stage. Make sure not to forget about how much fun it is to take advantage of all the romantic picnic spots where you'll see ducks swimming in front of you!


Spanning a time of more than 400 years, the Museu de Arte Moderna has one of the world’s most impressive collections. From Beethoven to graffiti artists from Brazil and Japan, from medieval sculptures to portraits by Claude Monet, the museum is unlike any other art collection in existence. You’ll be astonished walking through its five levels with permanent exhibitions designed for interactive dialogue while you cross paths with masterpieces found nowhere else on earth.

Museu do Futebol
Museu do Futebol

Have a soccer fan in the house? Enjoy a thrilling sports adventure, touring through an enchanting international museum of soccer. Watch old black-and-white photos of some of the greatest players playing throughout history. See what makes this game so great by exploring the different games played around the world - from sitting in chairs to kicking over rows of milkbottles with your feet!

Municipal Market
Municipal Market

Mercadão is the largest public food market in São Paulo, Brazil. Located on Avenida Pádua Dória. It was founded by then-Mayor Júlio Prestes to supply the city with produce, only about 1 km from Praça da República. The Market now supplies not just food but nearly anything imaginable to city dwellers. With over 1750 shops and stalls, the market offers everything from art, electronics and souvenirs to clothing, footwear and jewelry. The joy of exploring this old building yields so many treasures you’ll want to return for. Oh and of course, don’t forget to feed your tummy!


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Sao Paolo, Brazil
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